Feeling Gratitude

Who in your life needs to hear your words of gratitude? How can you make their day extraordinary by telling them why you are grateful for them? 

In our video series about gratitude, you will hear each Vocal Majority member, in his own voice, share a special message. It’s a rapid-fire video that pieces together this special message as told by nearly 150 of our members. 

In other videos, we have interviewed a few of our members for their stories, including a message from our young men. All video appear below. If you are moved to support our effects to enrich the lives of young people, please consider donating to Vocal Majority.

As you watch these videos, please ask yourself: “Who has made a difference in your life? Who do you need to share your appreciation with before it’s too late?”

We would be honored if you shared this video with someone important and tell them “I’m grateful for you.” Please help spread this message of gratitude in a world that needs it, now more than ever.

We love to hear from our fans. Please comment below.