Meet our 2018 "Be Our Guest" Recipients

We believe now more than ever the importance of enriching people’s lives. Often, there are people who want to make a journey to see us, but don’t have the resources. For others, it’s simply a dream come true. This year we are honoring three winners and their guests and we asked Vocal Majority performers if they would contribute to a fund to bring guests to our show. We are fortunate there was such an outpouring of support that we can honor three winners and their guests.

Becky K. and her son Keegan

We asked people to tell us what listening to Vocal Majority music means, or has done, for their lives, and what being a special guest in our Christmas Show audience would mean.

Becky K’s message deeply touched our hearts. This is her entry, in her own words:

“My name is Becky, I live in Longview, Texas, with my high functioning autistic son who is 15 years old and a freshman in high school. We left his dad almost 3 years ago to the day due to domestic violence that was escalating in intensity. I have had my ankle rebuilt in February due to a fall last August. My son and I share a deep love of God and music. In the last year he's been hospitalized twice.

“He auditioned singing “Long Black Train” for Varsity Choir and made it as a freshman. He's placed the last 3 years (his only three years ever reading music) in region choir, and is set to audition for Pre Area Choir. I'm very proud of him. He wants to be a chaplain for the fire department when he is older.

“We love Vocal Majority, and your music is at times what we listen to on our worst days. I cannot afford to bring him to Dallas myself to hear you all. I'm a single mom and a waitress. I'm honestly thinking this may be a year without the ability to provide gifts (we have a tradition of only 3 gifts, as that is what Christ received). It's been a rough year! Getting to bring him to your concert would mean everything to me!”

And now you know her story, and why Becky and Keegan are our guests at our Thursday night performance.


Sam Albito, and his wife Jenn, and son Elijah

Sam Albito was born and raised in Hawaii and now lives near Sacramento, California. He is better known to Vocal Majority as “Bruddah Sam.” Sam has a YouTube channel of nearly 7,000 subscribers who watch his reaction videos where he watches a video and records his reaction.

Sam tells us, “My first encounter with VM was when I did a reaction video to Voctave's cover song to ‘A Million Dreams’ from the movie, ‘The Greatest Showman.’” He was instantly hooked on the VM sound. But it was probably his reaction to our video of “How Great Thou Art” that moved him most.

Sam says, “While reacting to VM's version of ‘How Great Thou Art,’ the thought of my dad, now with the Lord, lay heavy on my heart. I was so moved by the arrangement and style of how the men of VM sang it that the very thought of my dad, if he would have had the chance to hear them himself, I knew exactly what his response would have been. My dad would raise his hand towards heaven, start singing, and cry with passion. You can tell in my reaction video to this, I could not contain myself and I just let myself cry on camera. The way the guys sing it and the arrangement of it, who would not be moved to tears after watching that!”

Sam tells us that when he found out that VM wanted to bring him to see us live that “I actually cried in my office at work because I would have never thought something like this would ever happen to me. Indeed this was an example of ‘A Million Dreams’ actually happening! I'm so excited about this visit!”

Sam and his family will attend our Friday performance.


Mac and Diane Campbell

You may remember what happened in December, 2013, on the weekend of our shows. The entire Dallas-Fort Worth area was covered in ice, and for the safety of everyone, we had to cancel our Christmas Show (thankfully, the show did go on the weekend after Christmas).

For years, Mac Campbell has had on his bucket list to see a Vocal Majority Christmas Show, so his son who lives in San Antonio, invited Mac to meet him in Dallas for our 2013 Christmas Show. Mac’s a Marine Corps veteran and fighter pilot having flown over 300 missions in Vietnam, so driving the 692 miles to Dallas from his home near Pensacola, Florida, was no big deal. Driving the last 100 miles took him five hours, but he was undeterred! He made it, connected with his son, and they weren’t even settled in when they got the news our Christmas Show had been cancelled. Disappointed, he turned around the next day and drove 692 miles back to Florida.

A few days later, we heard of about this huge disappointment for Mac. We offered to fly him to Dallas for our Spring Show, and he tells us he was stunned with the offer, but declined because he didn’t feel VM should be responsible for bringing him back.

When we recently read Mac’s story, we invited Mac and his wife Diane to join us for the Saturday night performance. Now Mac can say that an “X” has been put on his Bucket List.